Not everyone is comfortable reaching out without an invitation. This is that invitation! I love meeting interesting people, and I think inspiration and mentorship can come from everywhere. I’ve learned a lot from talking to people. So, without any agenda, why don’t we meet for coffee? That said, it pays to be prepared and for the fit to be right. Here are some quick bullet points on what I’ve done:

  • I completed a MSc in the Analysis, Design and Management of Information Systems at the London School of Economics.
  • I used to be a Program Manager at Nokia and expanded to lead Strategic Developer Partnerships, working with global app developers.
  • I was a Product Director at The Associated Press, heading up AP’s Mobile business including operator partnerships and ad business.
  • I teach and write about Product Management.
  • I am Chief Product Officer at YEAY, a mobile video-first marketplace and have experience building marketplaces with both Pamono and L’ArcoBaleno, where I headed up product and technology.
  • I part own Oslo Kaffebar and Kaschk: high-end, third-wave coffee shops in Berlin.

If it sounds interesting to meet this person? Send me an email including:

  • Past: What’s your story? How’d you get where you are?
  • Present: How’d you find me? What would you like to discuss? How do you think I (in particular) can help?
  • Future: What are you looking forward to most in the next month?

My email address is benjaminatmossegroupdotcom. I look forward to hearing from you.