This is the personal site of Benjamin Mosse.

I’m CPO at YEAY GmbH, an exciting mobile video commerce start-up based in Berlin.

Before YEAY I led tech and product development at Pamono, Europe’s largest online marketplace for vintage and collectible design. Before that, I worked for Nokia where I worked in a number of roles, from rolling out a long-tail publishing solution for Nokia platforms to supporting the launch of the now defunct Meego-based N9, to working on strategic app partnerships with global brands for both Windows Phone, Symbian and S40. Before that I worked at The Associated Press and was the Director of Mobile, overseeing the development of AP Mobile, an award-winning mobile local news portal and application. We were pretty good at what we did and won some awards including an Apple Design Award. I showcased the application, one of the first for the iPhone App Store, alongside Apple CEO Steve Jobs and Scott Forstall, head of iOS, at Apple’s Wordwide Developer Conference in 2008.

I graduated from the London School of Economics with a Masters in Information Systems and have a Bachelor’s degree in Biological Science from the University of Edinburgh.

You can read more about me at LinkedIn:, I’m also available on Twitter. If you want to get back in touch you can also reach me on Facebook.

I was raised a Quaker and try to bring a Quaker ethos (honesty, reliability, equality and a thirst for social reform) into the work that I do.

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